As you would expect, typesetting the messages as close as possible to the audio tape was the goal. But many times a conversational style, with loose sentence structures and liberties with grammar, may be perfectly acceptable when heard, but is awkward when put in writing. In addition, there were sometimes gaps in the sentences, as if he had missed or skipped over some words, as well as jumbled phrasing and incorrect verb tenses. Therefore, it was decided that some editing needed to be employed to make them more consistent with proper written English. Although almost all of the messages were grammatically improved in some way, care was taken not to affect the meaning or tone they were originally spoken in.
       Except for the names of Ollen and Flora, or their sons Ken and Keith, any other real names of individuals mentioned are either deleted or changed for the sake of privacy. Sometimes personal problems and even some unusual spiritual issues were talked about. If the family felt that any of this was too personal in nature, inappropriate for a wider audience, or required too much background information to be understood properly, they were also omitted.