In 1986, a retired school teacher and 34 year Christian had a remarkable breakthrough in his spiritual gifts, specifically the gifts of prophecy and interpretation of unknown tongues as mentioned in I Corinthians, chapters 12 and 14 in the New Testament. Although the word “prophecy” is commonly associated with foretelling future events, these communications from heaven focused primarily on the principles for successful Christian living. This wisdom and knowledge was articulated over a period of many years to Ollen and Flora Hardin during their personal devotional times at home. In this private space they received wonderful insights about the Bible, healthy reminders for spiritual growth, and needed encouragement when struggling through challenges.
       Their devotional times had always included some combination of song, worship, prayer, and Bible reading. But with the sudden blossoming of the Holy Spirit’s prophetic and interpretation abilities through Ollen, he and his wife often felt the Lord had something to say using these gifts. They were definitely honored and excited with what seemed like the Lord’s focused attention, but at the same time wondered why this privilege was given to them since they didn't see themselves as anyone special.