The full-length transcriptions have been organized by the dates on which they were originally spoken. Below are some good examples. You can download this "Best Of" file if you scroll further down. All files are in the PDF format.

January 5, 1987September 21, 1988
September 1, 1987 amJanuary 29, 1990
December 4, 1987 amJune 3, 1990
May 29, 1988

If you want all of the full-length transcripts to read you can download that "Master File" from the same place. It totals 822 pages including a cover and introduction. You can take the PDF file to a copy center and have printed out if you wish to read from hard copy. It's designed to be double-sided, 3 hole punched on letter sized paper.

Don't forget about the powerful search capabilities of the PDF format. To search for certain words in the transcriptions, open the file, click and hold on the word "Edit" in the menu at the top left. Select the word "Search" in the pull down menu. Type in the word or phrase you want to find. Click "Search" again. All places that have that exact wording you've typed will be listed. By clicking on each selection in the list the PDF file will take you directly to the page where it is found.