The excerpts from the full-length transcriptions have been organized into the topics below which are in the Lips of Clay Transcriptions book and can be ordered through Amazon. Within this website you can download the Master File that contains the all the excerpts contained under these headings.

Angels, Ministering SpiritsNew Testament People and Events

Bible, Word of God, ScripturesOld Testament People and Events

Bride, Body of Christ, the ChurchPraise, Singing, Worship

Creation of the Universe, Earth, MankindPrayer, Intercession

Death, Judgment, HellPurpose of Life, Why We are Here

Deception, Falling Away, the Last DaysRapture, Millennial, New Heavens and Earth

Enemy, Lucifer, Opposing SpiritsSalvation, Born Again, Set Free, New Life

Evangelism, Being a Witness, a LightSpiritual Coasting, Lukewarm Heart

Faith, Perseverance, Spiritual GrowthSpiritual Gifts, Pentecost, Baptism in H.S.

Free Will, Personal Choice, Decision Making
Spiritual Warfare, Training for Battle

Giving, Tithing, Riches, Wealth
Temple of the H. S., New Testament Priest

Healing, Health, the BodyTrails, Temptations, Depression, Suicide

Heaven, the Afterlife
Will of God, Spiritual Guidance

Heavenly Books, Record Keeping
Working in the Harvest Fields

Intimacy, Fellowship with God